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Premarital Preparation

You want a great marriage!

Marriage is an ongoing process of falling in love again and again with the person you are with. Negotiating changes through the various phases of relationship is a skill and an art. You've enjoyed the initial romance, now be just as successful throughout the rest of your lives together.

Premarital preparation can offer essential tools.

This option is available before and during the first year of your wedding.

Rose Petals Grace Any Wedding

Thank you so much for being part of our life. The best thing that my husband and I have done was to choose you to do our pre-marriage counseling and wedding ceremony.

You have helped us in the past ... and now five years later. You are right, there is things in life that we cannot control and so we have to work on what we can. This advice have helped us feel better and we are refocusing our energies on something we can control and make positive.

Thank you for touching our lives.

~ Steve & Hee Yung

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I want to let you know how valuable our last couple's counseling meeting was for each of us as individuals and us as a couple. Many times since our last meeting we have mentioned to each other how important it is to continue communicating and how useful a third party encourager can be in finding ways to resolve disagreements and make decisions. We are both very happy with results and ideas you developed during our last meeting. Thank you!

~Vanessa & Adam

We loved your premarital counseling session on communication. I have noticed such an improvement in our communication. It has made us both be more aware in our discussions. Thanks you so much! During this month apart we can use what we learned to stay connected via the phone and email.

~ Lisa & Colt

Our premarital preparation meetings were invaluable. Each time we walked away feeling like we'd gained timely insight into ourselves and our lives together. With all that life threw our direction during the months leading up to our wedding, our visits with you reaffirmed our commitment and gave us tools to reassure one another during stressful and emotional times. That is a gift from you we will carry with us throughout our lives. Thank you.

~ Steph & Greg


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Marriage Preparation Topics

The premarital preparation basic series includes three sessions. (Additional sessions are available.) The first session focuses on communication skills. By enhancing this capability, the blessings of life can be shared more fully and the challenges handled more capably.

You select the other two topics. Through our conversations, ideas often emerge. Some possible subjects include:

~ Finances
~ Children
~ Emotional Needs
~ Roles in Marriage
~ Your Goals, My Goals
~ Relationships with Family
~ Staying Connected
~ Enjoying Our Wedding

Another great option is to schedule a session focusing on how to enjoy your wedding day. So much time and energy goes into planning it, you certainly want to relax and enjoy it!
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Aaron and Stacy Share Their Happiness After Their Wedding Ceremony

Every couple should be required to schedule this premarital session! It made a world of difference. Thank you!

~Aaron & Stacy