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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional officiant? Bill Radke told this story on an edition of Weekend America (Public radio). I was officiating my little sister's wedding. I got certified on the internet, very easy to do. So I'm going through the service and I look into the pews where the guests are standing. My wife was gesticulating wildly with her hands around her waist. I had forgotten to invite people to sit down. And I never picked up on it. It went on and on and eventually my wife sat and the guests gratefully joined her. That was it.

I bet you never thought officiating could really be that complicated?

I got an appreciation. When you're hiring a real wedding officiant, you're not just getting her credentials and her homily, you are getting a veteran entertainer, toastmaster, facilitator who actually has to be experienced to make everybody comfortable in ways you are never supposed to notice. I appreciate that now.

Weekend America

Do you have any requirements of us as the bride and groom in order for you to officiate our wedding?  If you meet the legal requirements of the State of Washington and have consciously considered the importance of the decision to marry (we think it is THE most significant commitment two people make in life), then we are interested in talking with you and learning about your plans. 

In what states are you licensed to officiate wedding ceremonies? We are both licensed in Washington state, where we officiate most frequently. North Carolina, Oregon and Hawaii are other states where we are authorized to officiate.

How long have you been officiating? Since 1995 we have been privileged to officiate at over 2,000 ceremonies. We are experienced, yet we are still enthusiastic about officiating. We are full time professional officiants and are preferred wedding professionals at over 250 venues in the Pacific Northwest. Our commitment is to creating a high-quality, interactive experience with you.

We would like a justice of the peace to officiate for us. Can you do that? In the State of Washington, there are no justices of the peace. We do officiate at ceremonies that are "civil" or "secular." We listen to you and provide you with wording that you are comfortable with.

What types of ceremonies do you celebrate? All types. We officiate as many different types of ceremonies as there are couples. We believe marriage as a tradition is universal. Marriage as it relates to a couple is very individual and unique. We believe in diversity and the rights of all people to be married. Some of the kinds of ceremonies we have officiated include: Christian, Jewish, interfaith, intercultural, Filipino (Kent even has a barong), Celtic (Kent has his clan tartan), spiritual, civil, theme weddings (18th century court wedding, Renaissance wedding, Robin Hood wedding, Sci Fi wedding, and more), elopements... and so many others.

Will you marry couples of different faiths or who have been divorced? Of course. Each marriage offers possibilities for happiness, for wholeness, for intimacy.

Can we write our own vows? Yes, please!!! We encourage you to write your own words, modify ours, or ask me for writing help when you want it. The process is very cooperative and we value your thoughts, your ideas, your words.

We want to write our vows but don't know where to start. Can you help us? Yes, that's great! And I can certainly be of assistance here. I'm a professional writer/editor and can help you clarify what you want to say, find the words that best suit you, and keep it all in your "voice."

How long is the ceremony? Usually, ceremonies are about 20 minutes or so long. We have officiated a few about 15 minutes in length and some that were 45 minutes. It is your preference.

Who is responsible for applying for the marriage license and filing the marriage certificate? You need to apply in person or by mail for the license. The gives us the right to celebrate your wedding. We ask you to bring the marriage documents to the rehearsal. We fill them out, sign them after the ceremony and then file the certificate on the first business day after the wedding.

Do you attend the reception? We love to if our schedule allows it. And we understand that each "plate" has a cost to it. If you would like us there and your budget allows it, we are honored.

How many weddings do you officiate at in one day? Each of us may officiate at one or possibly two weddings in a day. We are very careful to allow ample time between them. We do expect ceremonies will begin within 15 minutes of the time stated on the invitation. We agree with Emily Post that it is rude to keep guests who are prompt waiting past that time.

Do you offer premarital preparation? Yes, I do. It is based on enhancing the relationship skills all couples need to have a successful marriage. The sessions are optional, not required. For more information, check out the Premarital Preparation page.

Who will marry us? Kent or Pat? It is your choice (depending on availability). Usually, couples "click" with one of us. Sometimes, a bride and groom would prefer that both of us officiate. In that case, we guarantee the officiant you most want and if the other person is available, we both officiate for no addiitonal cost. Please invite us both to the reception in that instance.


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Trevor and Jenna celebrate their wedding at Gas Works Park
Photo by Voir Photography

Thank you so much for everything! We couldn't have been happier with how the ceremony turned out! Thank you, Pat, for all of your help with the writing. That was a fun process. Thank you, Kent, for officiating. You did a wonderful job. We have several people comment on how much they enjoyed the ceremony.

~ Trevor and Jenna

Colin and  Kim wed at Hobuck Beach

Thank you both for making the long journey out to Hobuck Beach. The ceremony was as beautiful as we envisioned. We were both very happy with how it turned out. Anyone who didn't get introduced to you thought you were part of our family!! Thank you again for helping make our special day so amazing!

~ Colin and Kim

Rose Petals

The Woodland Park Rose Garden is the perfect place for Miki and Adam to marry
Photo by Kip Beelman

THANK YOU for doing such an amazing job as our officiant! Our ceremony was perfect ... and we couldn't be happier with how the day went. Thank you for being a part of it. You certainly helped make the day special!

All of our guests told me how much they loved our ceremony, how they were touched by the expression of genuine emotions. They whole night they kep telling us how they could feel the love and how that positive energy transformed the whole night. People were in such good spirits. I think a large part of tat was because we started off the wedding right!

~ Adam and Miki